Why Watching ‘Bravest Warriors’ on Weed is a Must

The creator of the hit TV series Adventure Time, Pendelton Ward created Bravest Warriors… And it’s amazing to watch when you’re high as f*ck on marijuana.

There are very few people in the world that can successfully pull off two Primetime Emmy Awards for such a bizarrely animated series such as Adventure Time. Pendelton Ward knows how to make his storylines make sense while incorporating elements of slap-stick humor, action, and drama. Many people would agree that Adventure Time had a story plot that never truly made sense completely, but was designed to never truly have a storyline in the first place.

And this was what made it so great. Making sense without making sense at all.

Viewers would follow down the path of Finn and Jake (the two main characters of the show) that would basically save people (sometimes themselves) in the strangest scenarios without explanation. And there are 10 seasons of this featured “nothingness” in the plot. But there’s tons of action, humor, and drama in there.

Why Watching Bravest Warriors on Weed is a Must (2)(1)

And what makes Bravest Warriors awesome is a similar reason why Adventure Time was: it really makes no sense at all. But it keeps the mind wandering into imaginative scenarios only a child could dream. Which leads to our final point: when you’re high, the goal is to escape reality. Why not let your mind go with the flow of “nothingness” and decompress?

We know, we know… you don’t watch cartoons… You’re an adult… you pay bills… all the “mumbo-jumbo” grown folks obligate themselves to do. But when was the last time you went with the flow with your imagination and made time to be a kid at heart and mind?

If you enjoy dabbling in marijuana like we do, we’d recommend you to watch Bravest Warriors because you will go to another planet following the driving plot of “nothingness” to town. Thanks, Pendelton Ward for giving those who enjoy rolling a blunt something to truly take our minds off on.

We dare you to roll your favorite strain and watch a cartoon (you overly-responsible adult person, you) and drift off into outer space.

And if you know what’s in space… There’s nothing to report. (That we know of at least)

After you do, head below in our comments section to share your experience. How was it for you?


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