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    Shaquille O’Neal & Ken Jeong Are Joining Forces For Unscripted Fuckery

    Earlier this year, we were introduced to reports about a scripted show starring Shaquille O’Neal and Ken Jeong. Now, we have confirmation that both will star in an unscripted series that will explore the two “attempting different occupations.”

    Specifically, these jobs include a kindergarten teacher, a party clown, and of course, mall cops. The network saw this as a prime opportunity to cast the two after their hilarious segment of Drop The Mic back in April.

    “These guys made magic on Drop The Mic together,” said Michael Bloom, TBS senior vice president  “Their chemistry is undeniable and no doubt that magic will extend to the unwitting people who expect anything to get done when they show up.”

    Are you ready for these two to join forces again? Please comment below and in other culture news:


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