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    Why People Are Hating On Lana Del Rey

    Over the weekend, the hashtag #WeLoveYouLana was trending on Twitter and many were confused as to why. There seems to be a long timeline of events leading up to this.


    Lana Del Rey has been receiving a lot of hate lately for many different things. She started months ago by  Instagramming a very controversial post about topics she sings about. She targeted several black female artists explaining that they sing about topics she doesn’t necessarily align with. The post blew up and many began to suspect Lana as a racist.


    Lana also recently ended her famous relationship with her cop boyfriend. Her dating someone like that also added the conspiracy of Lana being racist. She also attended protests for the Black Lives Matter movement and ended up recording other protesters and posting it. Many say her politics are what have turned many fans away. 


    The singer also had been getting roasted for wearing cheap and ugly clothes. Many say she has been seen wearing Sketchers. 


    Now, people are fat-shaming her and calling her ugly. Many are saying she has gained weight and is turning into a Karen. This all began when she posted picture of her new blond hair last week. 


    Though it seems Lana has set herself up for failure with her recent actions, no artist deserves this much hate. Hopefully she will begin to make things right and show us she is not who the world thinks she is. 


    Her new audiobook titled “Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass” was released this week. Half of the proceeds will be given to Native American Charities.



    1. WTF, is this a joke, getting roasted for wearing sketchers? And ugly clothes, what a fucking shallow world we live in!
      And I don’t care what her politics are, I love her music!

    2. Wtf. She is gorgeous and always will be. She’s talented af and definitely an inspiration through her music. I’ll always be a die hard fan. F*** all her haters.

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