It’s Business As Usual With King James In LA

It s Business As Usual With King

There’s no doubt in our mind that LeBron knew his departure from Cleveland would come sooner than later.

After all, the King lived up to his promise to bring a championship back to the city, despite his previous stint with the Cavaliers from 2003-2010. As shocking as it was when LeBron made a high publicized scandal about his decision to play in Miami, we’ve all had to realize that LeBron was a businessman first. The former 2003 number one draft pick, has lived up to his legacy as being one of the greatest to ever touch the hardwood.  At this point in his career, it’s more than evident that LeBron is focusing on his post-career as his time as a player soon comes to a close.

It was hard for us all to watch the NBA 2018 finals, as a predictable Golden State Warriors demolished the Cleveland Cavaliers in a blowout performance. Many questioned if LeBron lost his passion, or questioned his ability. We all knew that the supporting cast of LeBron James wasn’t enough to compete with the likes of Easymoney Sniper, or the Splash Brothers. Either way, you put it, the talent that surrounds Steph Curry was on a different level when it came to producing on the floor. The business side of LeBron, knew that in order to preserve his legacy a change was needed.

Before trying to past the G.O.A.T., LeBron is arguably the greatest businessman we’ve ever seen on the court. In 2010, LeBron was able to put together a team of individuals looking to win a championship. Several athletes at the pinnacle of there career such as Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and Ray Allen, all took significant pay cuts to join the franchise. His decision making and personnel selection reflect that of great business ability. After winning two championships in a four year stretch with Miami, LeBron returned to Cleveland and won a championship in two years.

It s Business As Usual With King1Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Fast forward to free agency of 2018, and the King announces that he’ll be traveling West for a four-year contract with The Lakers for $154 Million. With the help of the Laker’s General Manager, NBA Legend “Magic Johnson“, the historic franchise looks to redeem the glory to Los Angeles. Fans have been waiting for a savior since the departure of Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James is an excellent candidate to fill that void. Throughout LeBron James’ NBA career, he has racked up some hefty endorsement deals and business ventures.

LeBron James has gained rewarding returns through Beats Headphones when it was acquired by Apple. In addition, LeBron James has investments in the Liverpool Soccer team and also Blaze pizza. Los Angeles is a great market for someone for the likes of LeBron, plenty of marketability and an environment for his family. The sunset is starting to come over the pasture for LeBron’s illustrious career, his influence to the game has shown that athletes have the ability to speak on national topics and change communities across the globe.

The Akron native has event started a fund that will aid children in Cleveland to go to college. LeBron is the definition of what a businessman is, and how your influence can go a long way.

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