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    Why Doja Cat’s Shaved Eyebrows, Hair Is So Hip Hop

    Doja Cat Eyebrows Drives Fans Crazy

    When has hip-hop been about following the rules? It’s always been about going against the grain and not needing to be accepted by the masses. This is why I don’t understand why everyone is tripping about Doja Cat and her shaved head and eyebrows. 

    When did shaving your eyebrows automatically mean that you’re having a mental breakdown? Make it make sense. I feel like they judge harder women anytime they make a cosmetic change that people aren’t used to. It’s ridiculous that people don’t have the same energy for males.

    Hypocrisy at it’s Finest

    Anytime I see a male celebrity cut their long hair, we shower them with compliments about their new appearance. Who remembers when The Weeknd chopped off his free-form locs? That was his signature look, and he received nothing but love on his new look. Doja Cat is living proof that it’s not the same case when a woman does it.


    Even when she made it clear that she was perfectly fine, it wasn’t enough to convince the Internet. Doja Cat’s explanation on IG Live for why she shaved her eyebrows was to separate her genuine fans and the fake ones. Once she broke it down, it kind of made sense. She wants people to like her for her music and not for her beauty. What better way to see who’s a loyal supporter and who’s not than by getting rid of the one major asset that attracts male attention?

    People act like only cancer patients or old people go bald. For some people, going bald is a choice. I feel like the “Need To Know” artist has always been a person that thrives off of self-expression. This is not breaking hip-hop news. In fact, it’s the theme of hip-hop, an open space for you to be your most authentic self. The culture of hip-hop has always gravitated toward things/people that have been damaged. So let’s not act like hip-hop is suddenly holier than thou because that’s far from the truth.



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