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Whoopi Goldberg Launching Clothing Brand DUBGEE

It’s time to start paying Whoopi Goldberg some respect.

The longtime comedian and actress, is launching her very-own fashion brand, named DUBGEE. Because, according to HNHH, the Hollywood legend is sick and tired of people with her similar body-shape being overlooked.

Apparently, after a recent trip to Greece, Goldberg had a difficult time finding clothes that fit her properly.

“It made me feed bad, like my body doesn’t fit,

Goldberg relives what the experience was like, expressing that, by the end of her shopping trip, she felt depressed. However, if she can help it, she wants to ensure no other woman feels that way during a shopping trip. So her clothing brand, DUBGEE, is going to aim to help women feel comfortable by giving  them “the body space, to create a mystery of what’s under the fabric.”

There’s no official word on when her clothing will brand will release, but Goldberg is confident it’ll be a success. After all, she’s always considered her taste in fashion to be lightyears ahead of everyone else–even if no one else did.

You know, I love high heels but I always wore them with socks. And fashion is finally catching up to me. When you go to the shows, now you see girls on the runway wearing socks with heels,”

It looks like the New Year is starting off well. Nike said fuck it; it will make sneakers cheaper in 2019. With the announcement of Whoppi’s line, it obvious that people have alot to look forward to. It seems like her line comes right in time with people boycotting Gucci for selling blackface turtle necks for the winter.

Thoughts? Are you excited to see what DUBGEE has in store for women? Leave a comment below.

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