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    Who Said Small Spaces Aren’t a Big Deal?

    In America, we live in a society that loves to “Super Size” everything. But they waste small spaces.

    They like big cars, houses,  heck – even bank account amounts. Most women I’ve encountered love big, tall, muscular men. On the other hand, the men I’ve met and known love big booties and tits. And to be quite honest, this thinking is very linear. If the American dream is to live “larger than life”, what happens to the “small and tiny” details that make it?

    If I asked 25 people today what kind of house they’d want to live in, at least 85-90% of them would say “big” before explaining the details. I on the other hand make up the 5-10% of people that prefer things small. I’m a minimalist at heart, and I’ve learned throughout my life how to do big things with less.

    Don’t feel bad if you don’t have the biggest apartment in your unit. Or if your house is a row home with average interior space. It’s not the space that’s the issue – it’s what and how you fill the area. I searched the internet to prove this theory with pictures to show that with some imagination and creativity, your small spot will look like a multi-million dollar bachelor/ette pad in no time.

    This article was inspired by international design.

    From Four Rooms to One | Paris, France

    Size: 322 SQFT

    Who Said Small Spaces Aren’t a Big Deal (4)


    Minimalist Micro | Wroclaw, Poland

    Size: 139 SQFT

    Who Said Small Spaces Aren’t a Big Deal (3)



    Glass Walls | Stockholm, Sweden

    Size: 365 SQFT

    Who Said Small Spaces Aren’t a Big Deal (2)




    On Top of the City | Gothenburg, S



    Size: 365 SQFT

    Who Said Small Spaces Aren’t a Big Deal


    Swedish Studio | Gothenburg, Sweden


    Size: 484 SQFT


    Kungsgatan Street | Gothenburg, Sweden

    Size: 430 SQFT


    Travelers’ Homebase | Budapest, Hungary

    Size: 323 SQFT

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