White Cop Filed Racial Discrimination Suit After Being Fired For Shooting Black Man

Filed Racial Discrimination

A white Mississippi police officer named Canyon Boykin has filed a racial discrimination suit against the City of Columbus after fatally shooting 26-year-old Ricky Ball in October 2015.

Boykin alleges that he would not have been fired “except that he is white and the deceased was black,” per the Guardian.

Although this is the case, the city council’s officials claim that they didn’t fire him for shooting Mr. Ball, but that Boykin “violated police department policies by posting offensive messages on Instagram and allowed his girlfriend to ride in his police car for an unauthorized “ride along.””

Columbus city attorney Jeff Turnage points out “Boykin’s opinion on social matters,” in a post that he made with the use of a derogatory term for black people.

Boykin claims that he tried to resign prior to the firing, but that his resignation was rejected.


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