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    Whiskey, Cigars, and God: The Keys to A Long Life According to Late WWII Veteran

    Richard Overton, America’s oldest World War II veteran credits whiskey, cigars, and God for his long life before making his final departure.

    As reported earlier by a Texas media outlet, Richard Overton, America’s oldest World War II veteran has passed away.

    Not only was Overton the longest surviving military veteran, having served over several years in the U.S. Army back in the ’40s, but he was also the oldest living man in the States.

    Overton remained active into his old age, even catching up with former President Obama. In a candid interview, he credits God, his unique cocktail of coffee and whiskey, as well as cigars for helping him attain longevity. His youthful and loving spirit would carry him until December 27th, 2018, when he passed at the age of 112.

    Bearing witness to the legacy of Mr. Overton, there’s no doubt that a couple of shots of whiskey can take the edge off the stresses of life, and that God is still in the blessing business.

    For the full interview, continue watching down below and for more buzzing news, stay tuned to!


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