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    Wheres the Beef? Burger King Being Sued


    Today in the southern district of Florida Phillip Williams opened a class-action lawsuit against Burger King. Williams claims he follows a strict vegan diet and was tricked into believing that burger king’s Impossible burgers were 100% vegan.

    After purchasing an impossible burger. Williams realized that the vegan burgers were cooked on the same grills as the regular beef burgers made. The store has yet to respond to the allegations. Even more, Phillip William is asking burger king to return all profits earned through the promotion and sales of its impossible vegan burger.

    Burger King introduced the Impossible burger in the summer of 2019. In an attempt to profit off of the vegan trend and add healthy food to its menu. The fast-food chain decided to adopt the meatless burger.Impossible Burger

    The Impossible burger helped grow burger king sales by 5%.

    Creating the largest quarterly jump for burger king since 2015. Because of this, the store had announced it would begin launching meatless burgers across Europe in November 2019.

    Furthermore, class action suits will undoubtedly slow the plan to bring meatless burgers beyond America to Europe. Phillip Williams was not available to comment on his claim. However, Williams is expected to give a statement in the near future.

    The fact that the meatless burgers were cooked with regular burgers is a problem. The question is what damages can be claimed in because of this. Although, some religions are against cross-contamination of food. Being Vegan is not a religion. rather a life choice. This is expected to be a long-drawn-out legal process that may ultimately end in a low payout.

    What do you guys think about the impossible burger? is it still vegan even though it’s cooked on the same grill?

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