When American Trap Music Meets Japanese Culture


We all knew it was coming.

Trap music is pretty darn cool, minus the drug dealing and negative messages promoted. Apparently, trap is spreading like wild fire amongst the net, as more and more international renditions are being released.

“Arigato” which is a Japanese phrase meaning“Thanks a lot” or “Thank you very much” is the title of this record, taking the Japanese internet space by storm.

We don’t understand a lick of Japanese, but it sounds hot. The artist in this song is unknown, as his information is nowhere to be found. But in the meantime, play this back a few times and let it sink in. Just don’t repeat anything. We’re not sure what’s being said. Honestly, you’d have an easier time learning the meaning to this record than understanding aChief Keef track.

Look at what the people are saying about this record:


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