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    What To Do When You’re Being Cyberharassed

    Facebook, Twitter, and other social media can be scary places. Cyberharrassment and threats are a Thing on social media! In my case, getting a death threat online was no fun! One day, I looked down at my phone in disbelief. A simple Facebook argument had escalated…and now I was being threatened. One picture the commenter had posted was a picture of a knife. It was followed by another post: “There is something alley [sic] the Internet registry darlin, easy to track someone’s [sic] is and therefore where they live.” Here’s what to do if/when you get cyberharrassed or threatened.

    Celebrities and Harassment

    I’m not the only one who’s received Twitter or Facebook death threats. Sue Perkins, a British actress, started receiving death threats after someone suggested she star on the British show Top Gear. The Guardian reveals that Danny Welbeck, a British soccer star, received approximately 1,700 abusive or threatening messages. Almost half were racist. Kim Kardashian West receives her share of threats and trolling comments. Chadwick Bozeman, before his death, was regularly trolled about his experience. Cyberharrassment and threats on social media are very real, and can really hurt people.

    What You Can Do

    So what do you do, if you are threatened or harassed online? While Facebook and Twitter offer reporting options, it’s not always enough to be safe. Depending on the severity of the threat, it may be necessary to involve law enforcement, or speak to someone about what’s going on. If you don’t feel that’s necessary, Kardashian West offers some advice in an interview with People: “Will I be affected by this tomorrow? Will I be affected by it in a week?… and usually, the answer is no.” She continues to say she tries to “take the high road”.

    Reach Out For Help

    If you’re upset by the harassment, reaching out for help from a counselor, therapist, or hotline isn’t a bad idea. Texting 741741 will put you in touch with the Crisis Textline, a free service which offers support; and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline are great resources. Just know that you’re not alone… and that you deserve to be safe!


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