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    What Kodak Black’s Song Lyrics Reveal About His Criminal History

    Kodak Black has been simultaneously charged with several crimes during his short yet productive career. He has been reportedly involved with the criminal justice system since he was a minor. These charges include robbery, kidnapping, possession of marijuana, and possession of a weapon or ammo.

    In 2016, he was arrested for open warrants. He was subsequently placed on house arrest and detained in custody. Some of Kodak Black’s song lyrics provide insight into the rapper’s internal struggle, why he is caught up in the cyclical criminal justice system, and his hopes to overcome this.

    “I’ve been tryin’, but I can’t get my circle right/It’s consequences and repercussions when you thuggin’,” the rapper admits on Institution track, “This Life”. This is an insightful glimpse into the peer pressure associated with the temptation of street life. Relationships inform decisions, and it is inspiring to hear Kodak Black evaluating how his choices manifested into his current reality.

    President Trump granted him a commutation on his sentence and soon after he released, “Last Day In”. In it, Kodak Black details how he intends to enjoy his freedom:

    “I want sushi then some c*oochie, no more lunch trays, yeah…Tryna quit takin’ trips with the carbon/But I know you n***** won’t miss the chance if you could harm me, yeah…This my first day out the joint, so that my last day in.”

    It definitely sounds like Kodak Black is someone who knows what he wants and is not too embarrassed to enjoy his freedom! Unfortunately, he has already since been arrested in 2022 in Florida for trespassing.

    Moreover, Lottie did an interesting study on song lyrics and how they have changed with time, you can check out this study.



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