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    What John Legend Really Wanted to Say to R. Kelly: “You’re a Sick Bastard”

    Last Thursday night, Lifetime premiered its Surviving R. Kelly, a documentary where some tough allegations against R. Kelly are addressed. John Legend was amongst those speaking out.

    Surviving R. Kelly is a six-part documentary series that covers the secret life of Kelly, and his sexual misconduct involving minors. The first two parts aired last Thursday and revealed first-hand experiences retold from those who lived through the ordeal. There were testimonies from old girlfriends, wives, family and friends, and colleagues. Ironically, each shares the same information…how the music legend insanely obsesses over young girls.

    And like those people, John Legend did not miss his curtain call. He courageously shared his opinion of the situation.

    “I believe these women and don’t give a fuck about protecting a serial child rapist.”

    Legend has two children. His eldest, Luna, is a girl, which probably causes Legend’s beliefs to be as strong as they are…not to mention, the idea is just morally wrong.

    However, according to BuzzfeedNews, Kelly was excused from his child pornography charges in 2008, so as it turns out, it wasn’t considered that bad by the courts…go figure.

    Despite Kelly threatening to sue, Lifetime has plans to continue airing the series.

    Curious about what you missed? Check out a clip from Thursday’s E2.


    Did you watch it? Is R. Kelly trippin’? Do you believe his fans should mute his music? Leave a comment telling us how you feel.

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