What Is The Role Of A Side “Jawn”?


We hear the phrase all the time: “Jawn.” The only word that can properly represent a person, place or thing. Urban Philly invented the word, and now it’s in Webster’s Dictionary. People from all over are adapting this catchy term which helps make every sentence shorter, but slightly confusing.

One of the most popular uses for “Jawn” is in reference to a woman. Here’s an example of how it would be used in speech:

“That Jawn cute over there bro.. Go talk to her.”

Knowing this points to the newfound popular usage of “Side-Jawn”. But, what exactly is the key role of one?

“Yes, this is someone you sleep with who isn’t your primary partner.” says 
Nicole Brewer of CBS Philly. And if this doesn’t ring a bell, in layman’s terms – your cheating partner.

Believe it or not, a side-jawn is in heavy demand in modern relationships. It just seems to be the perfect “plan-b” of choice for long term relationships. This doesn’t just apply for men, but for women too.

Though this isn’t ideal for a healthy relationship “alternative”, we do understand that modern culture is adapting this, and there are side-jawns that roam the streets among us all.

HYPEFRESH has three keys of advice for the role of side-jawn’s in the world:

  1. Never, ever catch feelings.
  2. Don’t start arguments or pick fights.
  3. Take what you can get.

Why not catch feelings you ask? Well… If a man/woman is in an active relationship, the odds of them leaving for a side-piece? Very unlikely. If he/she does, it might point towards the failed attempt at the relationship.

Don’t argue or pick fights. If a man/woman is in an active relationship, don’t add more stress to the person already in a stressful situation. As if cheating is already enough, let alone the issues from the couple.

Take what you can get. If a side “jawn” is getting sex and a hot meal, that should be good enough. Anything more is taking a man/woman out of the “side” category and into the “main” one.

And though this article is awkward, it’s easily applicable to many modern love triangles. What do you think about this?


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