What Does Kodak Black’s Release From Prison Mean For Music?

Does Kodak Blacks Release From Prison

Kodak Black has officially been released from Broward County Jail where he served seven months of a year’s sentence for alleged probation violations of driving with a suspended license and associating with people engaged in criminal activity.

The controversial rapper is infamous for his singles “Tunnel Vision” and “There He Goes.” While away at prison, he used the time to legally change his name from Dieuson Octave to Bill K. Kapri, as well as earn his GED.

In regards to music, reports indicate that the rapper will be staying in Florida before he heads to the studio. But what does this mean for music? So much has changed in the past seven months sonically that one can only wonder if artists are able to reintegrate into society but also the music community. We have seen a slew of new artists since Kodak’s imprisonment, so maybe this could usher in a wave rooted in a new sound.

What do you guys think? In other news, Philly native RecoHavoc is officially on the Atlantic Record’s roster! 

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