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    Wendy Williams New Dick Reserved!!!

    Wendy Williams has been fighting several hardships since late last year. From her relationship with her estranged husband to personal issues dealing with drugs. Even after all that things are looking up with Wendy Williams new dick on reserve.

    It’s no secret that for decades Wendy Williams was known as the gossip queen. When it comes to celebrities personal life the talk show host basically has no boundaries. The tables have surely turned since rumors began to spread that her former husband Kevin Hunter go his side chick pregnant. Following the rumors becoming confirmed Wendy’s life continues to take a spiral. Above all things are starting to look up, and it may all be because of a new boo.

    Wendy Williams New Dick

    Allegedly the former drug addict has met someone out in Los Angeles. Previously it was believed that Williams and her longtime talk show, DJ Boof would start to date. For years the two gave each other space because of Kevin’s uncomfortable views. Furthermore, Wendy is in official cougar mode and looking to have some fun. The gossip queen met her new boo while spending time with Blac Chyna.

    Allegedly the man in question is in his 20’s, and has the monitor to properly pound out Wendy Williams back. Outside of her love life, the host is focused on making sure her son is ok. Last month Jr. and his father got into a physical altercation.

    In conclusion, do you think that Wendy Williams new dick will keep her happy? Can we expect her to finally get out her funk? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

    Featured Image Credit: Variety

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