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Is Kevin Hunter’s Cheating The Reason For Wendy Williams Relapse??

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Wendy Williams has been the face of gossip for decades. Now she is facing an unparallel shift of karma in her personal life. Could Kevin Hunter be the blame?

The talk show host has managed to piss off plenty of big names in the world of entertainment. Before landing her own talk show, she previously was a radio personality for Power 99. Wendy also had the juice regarding the messy situation regarding celebrities, and clearly built a solid audience. From Diddy, Howard Stern, to 50 Cent Wendy has made plenty of enemies in her past. Now it seems as though she is finally getting a taste of her own medicine. The cause could be none other than Kevin Hunter.

Wendy Williams Kevin Hunter

Recently in December, it was rumored that Wendy’s husband Kevin Hunter knocked up his mistress. Furthermore, it was a coincidence that around the same time Wendy went ghost on her staff. During her absence, Nick Cannon filled in to help until she returned.  Even longtime show host Maury invited Williams in regards to exposing cheating husband.

Decades ago the host faced drug addiction, and many people believe that her husband’s scandal is what pushed her to relapse. Hence the previous day Wendy Williams confessed to living in a sober house. Despite her relational issues with her husband, the host has confirmed several times since her return that she will not leave him.

Is her husband to blame? Will she ever become clean? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

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[…] Most recently, Williams admitted to dealing with substance abuse– a condition that’s caused her to seek sobriety by living in a sober house. Despite, her claims of struggling with the aftermath of a shoulder injury, many believe her stress comes from issues within her marriage. […]

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