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    Hacker Hacks Wendy Williams’ Home Listing on Zillow and Costs Her Millions

    Wendy Williams is putting her New Jersey mansion that she once shared with her estranged husband Kevin Hunter out for sale.

    Or so Wendy thought.

    After putting the mansion up for sale on the public market, her mansion’s listing had to quickly come down. The Blast reports that the listing caused so much commotion that it was best to remove the home and change it’s status to that of a private listing.

    The Livingston, NJ home was placed on sale on Thursday. It was listed as having 5 bedrooms, 6 baths,  and 5,700 square feet.

    But there was also another issue with the home’s Zillow listing. Apparently, when it hit Zillow, it hit Zillow as belonging to someone else. Sources claim that there was a glitch, which allowed someone to hack in and claim ownership of the home. So, unfortunately, when the house hit the market, no one in Wendy’s camp had the credentials to change the information.

    The unknown hacker added a fake description under the “what I love most about the home” section.

    Here’s what it reads:

    “Sound proof bedroom”

    They also put:

    “Cheater a$s Kevin hunter and innocent wendy Williams former home.”

    We’re not sure if the hacker tampered with the price of the home too, but it’s currently listed as worth $1.8 million.

    The talk show host’s agent, Jamie Silverman, noticed the mistake and immediately tried to remove, but couldn’t access the account. Desperate measures had to be taken, and so Zillow was contacted to override the account themselves.

    The issue was eventually fixed, and Zillow is now tracking the hacker’s IP address. The house will remain as a private listing, until Wendy and Kevin are further along in their divorce.

    Thoughts? What are your thoughts about Wendy William’s home being hacked on Zillow? Let us know by dropping a comment off in the comment section.

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    Featured Image: Entertainment Tonight


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