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    The Tea Is Brewing And Wendy Williams Might Be Getting That Back Thrown By DJ Boof

    Wendy Williams has been the voice of gossip for decades. Now it seems like she’s the topic of discussion and apparently her Wendy and DJ Boof might be turning into a couple before our very eyes.

    It’s no secret that the start of 2019 was rocky for the gossip queen known as Wendy Williams. Late last year we heard rumors that her husband Kevin Hunter sidepiece was possibly pregnant. At the top of the year, those rumors were confirmed with through tabloids, and even from Wendy directly. Plenty of questions were thrown around especially after the host took an extended leave of absence. Her abrupt hiatus left the cast production unsure if she would ever return.

    However, the gossip queen would eventually return and announce that she has been dealing with drug addiction. Furthermore, the turmoil would spread even further with a bad divorce being cited in the media. Wendy who has made a living off sharing the tea with others would choose to divorce long time manager Kevin Hunter. Just several weeks ago it was reported that Kevin Hunter and their son Jr. would get into a brawl. Jr. would end up in handcuffs over the physical dispute.

    Fast-forward and it seems as though the crazy days are somewhat behind Wendy. Just yesterday she made a surprise appearance at HOT 97’s Summer Jame in New Jersey. She was on the stage with her show Dj, Dj Boof. It wasn’t before long that fans took to Twitter to express their happiness in seeing the host out and about.

    “Wendy bought to take over Summer Jam with that outfit & those shorts!!! She is serving all sorts of Slay right now.”
    “Wendy is looking so much better!” wrote another. “She looks great.”

    Overall Boof and Wendy have been friends for a number of years. However, it’s believed that the two gave respective space due to Kevin’s take on things. Now with her soon to be ex-husband out the way, we could see things take a turn for the better with the two.

    In conclusion, what are your thoughts? Do you think the two make a good couple? What will Kevin have to say about this? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

    Featured Image Credit: Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald


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