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    Wendy Williams Dickography Lifetime Movie?

    Wendy Williams has been in the spotlight ever since she became relevant in the world of entertainment. Before her talk show, Wendy used to be a radio personality dropping all the tea.

    For the better part of six months, Wendy has probably experienced the toughest times she’s ever faced. The gossip queen has had her fair share of ups and downs. However, Wendy‘s named has been drugged through the mud all thanks to her ex-husband. Kevin Hunter has basically made his former wife’s life a living hell. Now it seems as though Wendy may be looking to free herself of the drama. It’s official, Wendy Williams dickography lifetime movie will be taking center stage.

    Wendy Williams Dickography Lifetime Movie

    Late last year it was rumored that Kevin knocked up his sidepiece while still married to Wendy. Her worst fears were confirmed once the sidepiece went into labor. As a result, Wendy mysterious disappeared from the show for weeks. Overall cast members were stunned with little to no explanation behind her immediate departure. Later we would come to find out that Wendy was an emotional wreck. Furthermore, the cause of events would lead her to relapse and doing drugs once again.

    Now with that gone and past, Wendy has since filed for divorce and is living her best life. The talk show host has been linked romantically to several men, including getting her back smashed by a young man in his 20’s. Later on Wendy denied the claims and is currently getting dicked down from an older male doctor.

    Now Wendy is about to benefit off all the drama she’s been through. She will be airing a biopic on Lifetime, sometime next year. If you know Wendy it’s bound to get messy and will highlight some encounters with celebrities. Production will come from Will Packer, who was the producer for “Girls Trip”. Williams just officially turned 55-years-old and really doesn’t have a concern in the world at this point.

    In conclusion, do you believe that Wendy Williams dickography lifetime movie will be good? How many people did she honestly sleep with? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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