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    Wendy Williams Dickmatized: Stands in Solidarity with Estranged Husband

    Wendy Williams is so dickmatized, that she and her estranged husband are pulling it together.

    The two will be appearing in court alongside their son, Kevin Hunter Jr., as he goes to enter a plea deal. They will be appearing in court on Tuesday. Overall Wendy Williams still seems to have a love for Kevin.

    If you’ve been following the story, then you know how juicy it is.

    Wendy Williams dickmatized

    Little Kevin first landed himself in trouble back in May, after he allegedly punched his father in the face. Sources say the argument started due to the ongoing family drama that is Kevin Hunter Sr. having an affair with Williams. Not to mention, Kevin Sr. apparently got his mistress pregnant, who then gave birth to the baby in a Philadelphia hospital, just several months ago.

    The gossip queen, known for talking about everyone’s else’s business was so shaken to find her own personal business in the streets that she resorted to drug use. During one of her show’s, Williams admitted to living in a sober house to help cure her addiction to alcohol and other substances.

    With everything that was going on, it seemed like the 54-year-old talk show host was spiraling out of control. However, she is proving that there’s only one way to go, once you’ve hit the bottom. Up.

    Wendy is having a real hot girl summer now. She’s supposedly dating a younger man, and if you ask us, he’s much better looking than Kevin.

    That younger man must be scratching Williams’ back in ways Kevin Sr. could never because now Williams is capable of being at least cordial with her estranged husband.

    According to TMZ, Williams and Kevin are still friends and will continue to support their son as a united family. Kevin Sr. is not pressing charges.

    Thoughts? How do you feel about Wendy Williams being dickmatized? Share in the comment section.

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    Feature Image Credit: Entertainment Tonight


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