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    Wendy Williams Defends Ciara Against Bowwow’s Hurt Dick

    Wendy Williams made Bow Wow the topic of discussion, following his little comment about his former girlfriend Ciara.

    The talk show host got to the bottom of things during her infamous “Hot Topics” portion of her show, says Page Six. During the segment, Wendy Williams defends Ciara by criticizing the rapper for his disrespectful comments about the singer.

    “Bow Wow, I am mad at you … What’re you doing?” 

    Just over the weekend, Bow Wow was caught at a nightclub, and said some pretty shady things about Ciara. He was in the middle of a performance when he not only called her a “bitch,” but he bragged about hooking up with her first.

    As if anyone cares, or accredits Ciara’s success based off her association with Bow Wow. Wendy judged Bow Wow’s approach to the situation, calling it immature and unnecessary.

    “It’s very distasteful. We’ve all had somebody before we had you, man. We’ve all lived, but to be shirtless in a club and calling her a ‘bitch,’ you were so wrong for that,”
    “Going from Ciara to Erica Mena — where are we going with your track record? … Ciara made the right choice.”

    If you ask us, the 32-year-old needs to mention Ciara’s name to remind people of how he USED to be the envy of all of his peers. Because lets face it, Bow Wow is neither the envy or his peers anymore or on Ciara’s level at this point.

    He’s more like a disappointment.

    Ciara, on the other hand, is living her best life. She’s since started her own family, and seems pretty happy and unbothered by her former ex-boyfriends.

    Thoughts? Did Wendy Williams defend Ciara the right way? Does she make any good points? Let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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