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    Wendy Williams Facing Emotional Stress With Mistress Birth Of Child

    The day has finally come, and it’s nothing but trust issues from here. Wendy Williams husband child has been birthed outside there marriage.

    In early December news broke out that the gossip queen was getting a taste of her own medicine. It’s no secret that for decades Williams has built her career from spilling the tea of high-level celebrities personal life. Imagine the grind on there face when they heard how Kevin Hunter knocked up his sidepiece outside his marriage. When the rumors came out, coincidentally went incognegro, and took a hiatus from her show.

    Wendy Williams Child

    The bombshell was dropped when it was admitted that Wendy Williams is a walking crack cocaine addict. It is well-known that the host dealt with drug addiction decades back. Many still suspect that Kevin Hunter’s cheating is the reason for Wendy Williams relapse. Once it was confirmed that the Gossip Queen was returning to her show, she confessed to living in a sober house. Overall it left plenty of people in shock over the ordeal.

    Now several outlets are confirming that Wendy’s husband Kevin and mistress has given birth to a baby girl. The mistress gave allegedly gave birth on March 22nd.

    Do you think Wendy will stay with her husband? Should she leave him because of the child? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to Hypefresh.

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