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    Weed Raids Are Killing People, Not Actual Weed

    You know what’s deadlier than weed? Well everything for that matter. But for the sake of comparison, let’s narrow down our list and put the slandered plant up against SWAT raids involving suspected weed dealers. According to a recent cultural analysis conducted by the New York Times, at least 20 such raids since 2010 have unfortunately turned deadly.

    On Monday, a detailed analysis of the stats by the Washington Post shows the fatalities include both “small-time dealers” and those who simply sold “the occasional joint” to a friend. The full list in fact, which counted at least 85 deadly SWAT “drug raids” since 2010 – also includes four police officers who were killed.
    For anyone who is reading this while enjoying some very legal and easily accessible weed in one of the legal states, the stats probably seem insane. Death during a raid? Or even more baffling, death during a weed-related raid?

    To compare, here’s the comprehensive list of people who have lost their lives due to weed:


    Even the Drug Enforcement Administration recognizes this, stating that “no death from overdose of marijuana had been reported. ANd you know why? Because it’s impossible.

    These are facts, but according to most, facts are an illusion. Ina recent statement earlier this month Jeff Sessions said that legal marijuana was only slightly less awful” than heroin. But in the awesome words of Erik Altieri, executive director for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, “With over 600,000 arrests a year, the only thing life-wrecking about marijuana is its prohibition.”



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