WATCH: TNT Tez-“Wok”

Aggressively attacking a speaker-knocking instrumental from Internet Money, TNT Tez sips on “Wok” when he wants to get lit.

With a title referring to his favorite vice, “Wok” finds Tez adapting a triplet-based flow, rhyming in short declarative burst over whirring synth and rumbling low-end. In the video, Tez and his crew go dumb to the beat’s massive bass, acting a fool by a swimming pool.
Blitzing Birmingham with bracing bars, TNT Tez is ready to bust out of Alabama to the national scene. Earning attention with a series of bite-sized bangers, Tez has the confidence of a veteran. Armed with his firm belief that he’s the best rapper in his city, Tez gained notoriety when he shared “The Truth“, a vicious yet playful diss track aimed at his Birmingham peer YBN Nahmir. TNT Tez has continued to release bangers with his infectious tune “Cropped Out” which received over 700K streams on all platforms, and the ferocious “Coca Cola” which was recently featured in the Season 3 premiere of HBO’s Insecure.
Watch the video on Hypefresh.Co:


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