Watch: T.R.3 – “KAMAKAZI”

On the final single from his upcoming debut studio EP, Together Alone, Atlanta-based rapper T.R.3 drops “Kamakaze” like the anthem it is.

He doesn’t shy from the knowledge that he is about to blow up, right in the face of all those who doubt. It’s not cockiness. It’s not narcissism. It’s not arrogance. It’s a confidence that comes from a place deep within his bones, a knowledge that he is about to make it. There is no room for doubt. Produced by Timotheus, T.R.3 delivers “Kamakaze” with a grit and certainty that comes naturally to those with the inner fortitude that youth often provides.

Although the bulk of tracks on Together Alone are part of a true collaborative effort between T.R.3 and veteran West Coast artist and producer, Ariano, the duo were driven to keep a part of the original sound that created the energy and momentum surrounding T.R.3 over the past three years. Recorded at IMG studios in Atlanta, T.R.3’s verses and Timotheus’ production on “Kamakaze” are taken to the next level by the mixing and mastering by LDontheCut (DJ for Sublime with Rome). The accompanying video, directed by Houston-based Quite Frankly, was filmed in Atlanta and morphs the figurative T.R.3 blowup into a literal one.

Atlanta-born and Chicago-influenced, T.R.3 (Trevon Golden) is a true artist and co-founder of the ATL-based artist collective, IMG (Instrumentalists Music Group). He has been gaining momentum over the past three years, releasing mixed tapes, collective projects with IMG and solo projects, including 2016’s viral single, “Statistics,” as well as landing a sponsorship with renowned LA clothing brand, LRG. T.R.3’s passion, hustle, and god-given talent have helped lay the foundation for the effortless flow he delivers on “Kamakaze”, from his upcoming debut studio EP, Together Alone.


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