WATCH: Swedish Artist & Producer ‘Summers’ Drops Captivating Visual “Reborn”

Emerging Swedish artist, writer, and producer Summers – born Niels Christian Sommer Kjaergaard – releases his slow-burning, visually stunning debut “Reborn.”

A story of creation that contains pain as well as forgiveness, it documents a candid, personal process of Summers’ rediscovering of himself and the overcoming of his own demons.

The child of two priests, the faith inherent in his childhood fostered a curiosity for culture, religion, and spirituality, rather than the closing of eyes and veils. ‘Reborn’ spills out in a codeine-hazed, trappy instrumental that’s balanced intriguingly with an ethereal vocal that will lend relevant comparisons to other singular artists such as Rhye.

Performing, writing and producing everything he does, Summers’ technical prowess is clear, however it’s also the incredible visuals that accompany the track that lends power: depicting cultures from across the world in a stunningly colourful manner, it’s the peace as well as the charisma from the series of characters that make you feel Summers is just getting started. A sonic and visual feast from an artist we should be hearing much more of in 2018.

Check out the captivating visual above (here for Apple News) and stay tuned for more from Summer in 2018!


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