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Newest sensation, Raiche is quickly catching the ears of many with her breezy vocals and refreshingly unique singing style.

She’s managed to fuse her soulful roots with a little pop, crafting her distinctive sound. With her confidence, consistency and overflow of positivity, the ambitious 22-year-old is undeniably on her way to becoming your next favorite artist.

Growing up in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, just two hours outside of Boston, Raiche found music at an early age. Her mother, a worship leader, would bring her then six-year-old daughter to her practices. “A lot of times I would just grab a mic and practice with her,” Raiche recalls. The spark was evident early, and it wasn’t long before Raiche was starring in church and school plays. By high school, her guitar-strumming sister would inspire her to perform in local talent shows, though when her sister moved off to college, Raiche took her skills online.

“I kind of backed away from the crowd, and chose to focus on my music,” she says. A popular girl turned loner, Raiche would focus on her craft, uploading cover videos to YouTube—the first being Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Madness” single. “I put on red lipstick for the video; I thought I was SO poppin,” she says with a laugh. But bigger than that, Raiche saw promise in herself, evidenced by the small buzz that was brewing from her videos. “I was like, ‘Wow! I can actually do this.’”

The aforementioned “Money Pies” is Raiche’s first single, a testament to the short-lived surplus of money and the idea of “what if” it truly grew on trees. “The song does talk about money, but to the point of where it’s not everything,” she explains of the Cardiak-produced single. “People tend to worship money in their music, and it’s kind of annoying.”

Her second single, “Lights Out” brings more of her vocal dimensions, yet still retains a feel-good vibe. “It says, ‘Yes I can sing, and I’m coming for you!’” she adds with a giggle. Both songs will appear on the siren’s seven-track EP arriving this Summer.

While the road here hasn’t been easy, Raiche is proof that working hard and having talent can truly pay off with patience. “My mission is to work hard and keep going, no matter what,” Raiche says with confidence. “And to make music that reflects solid, positive energy along the way.”

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