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    WATCH: Lil Mosey’s “Noticed” Features Trippy Animation & A Lavish Lifestyle

    Seattle Lil Mosey’s “Noticed” video is a mix of trippy animations in actual settings.

    His popular summer track finally needed a music video, so this is just in time at the peak of his hip-hop internet relevance. The 16-year-old (young, yes) became known after the release of his popular song “Pull Up“. The video was produced by Royce Davidd (two D’s, I know, strange). He raps about his new acclaim, money, and fame. AKA he raps about everything rappers love.

    Here’s some notable lines.

    Tweakers layed up next to dude
    Need a bigger revenue
    So I stayed tryna sell to you
    Niggas always testing me
    So I stay with that 32


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