WATCH: Kiing Rod X DaBoii-“Chimmey”

A product of the hit-making SOB x RBE family, KiingRod bulldozed his way into the game with debut single “Knockdown.”

The video single with more than 6 million plays follows the Vallejo, California native’s pathway into Rap—a journey that began in the last year. However, before picking up the mic, Rod learned how to make catchy, street-certified songs and command stages from always being around his brothers. 
With his SOB x RBE family in tow, KiingRod is charging ahead at full speed with Just The Beginning. From the diverse culture of Vallejo, Rod and his cohorts are showing the power of loyalty and writing new DIY success stories from the Bay. “The code we live by is ‘get it how you live.’ You can’t let anything knock you down. You’ve got to do something in this world, and you need to figure out the plan to make that happen.” In a short time, KiingRod has done just that.
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