Watch Kehlani’s “Alive” Video (ft. Coucheron)


Sharing her newest visual “Alive” which features Coucheron, vividly displays the example of her statement above. 20 years young, the Californian singer (Kehlani Perish) is well recognized for the extremely beautiful voice, musical talents and tattoos.

Breaking into the industry was very tough; even tougher than I expected. There were many times where I was told “no.” Many times, things were supposed to happen but they didn’t. When you really care about something and want something, you never stop. There were times when I was told that I could never do the things I’m doing now, and there were times when I believed that. But through hard work and dedication, everything is possible, and I took the necessary steps to get here today,” says Kehlani to HYPETRAK.

Check out this video for yourself, and don’t forget to share those thoughts below in our Disqus section. What do feel about this song?

Words// Clark Kennedy, HYPEFRESH®

Source: Gillian Wong, MISS BISH


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