Watch “Gotta Know” Featuring Curt da Rula x Castro Dia$e

Featuring Curt da Rula x Castro Dia$e

It’s safe to say rising artists Curt da Rula x Castro Dia$e understand one major thing about women: they come a “dime a dozen.” In their latest visual effort Gotta Know (shot by Signature Filmworks) the two come together to share their greatest weakness – the ladies. Dropping back to back lines over the Green Beats production, Gotta Know highlights the game played, and being played by women who know what it was before the relationship started.

Now how many people can relate to this, eh?

Catchy and modern, this track is bound to impress any listener who is new to the two lyricists. Being a pair out of the Philadelphia trio M.A.D.E. MAFIA (O.D.K. is the missing member in this feature) they drop timeless gem which gives the people a taste of trap-drill like no other. It’s pretty safe to say we’ll hear more from these guys in the near future. For now, enjoy the featured video below – and feel free to comment below in our Disqus section.
Ladies just don’t understand the man’s struggle.


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