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    Watch Curren$y and Fendi P’s New Video “Swang”

    The Two Rappers Show Us How to Live the Jet Life in the Latest Video from Smokin’ Potnas


    Combining laid-back rhymes with an unparalleled work ethic, there’s no one in the rap game quite like Curren$y. Kicking back with his close friend and Jet Life Recordings signee Fendi P, the New Orleans native shares Swang,” his new music video. With a soulful, hard-hitting instrumental from Smitty Beatz, “Swang” is a detail rich ode to flexing. Both emcees cleverly catalog their embarrassment of riches. In the video, Spitta and Fendi show off their sparkling Chevy Impala–bright purple with solid gold rims–as they cruise around their city. “Swang” is the latest video from Smokin’ Potnas, the Jet Life duo’s recent project.

    “Burn a O, this ain’t trader smoke, this is rapper dope/Chasin’ dough, ain’t chasin’ no hoes, be slammin’ Chevy doors,”

    – Fendi P

    Unloading life lessons atop lush production, Curren$y and Fendi offer pearl after pearl of street wisdom on Smokin’ Potnas. Spitta offers a veteran perspective on growing your bankroll, while Fendi assumes the role of the striver that’s never satisfied. The two New Orleans natives are on top of their game, crafting slick flexes that weave within soul-samples and tuneful 808s. Fendi marvels at his sparkling watches and beautiful views on “Stainless,“. Curren$y perfects his Lambo talk on the Harry Fraud-produced “Foreign Outside.”. Featuring production from Harry FraudSledgrenTraumaTone, and more, Smokin’ Potnas is available to stream everywhere.

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    Smokin’ Potnas tracklist:

    1. Strategize (Prod. by TraumaTone)
    2. The World I Know (Prod. by Sledgren)
    3. Swang (Prod. by Smitty Beatz)
    4. Stainless (Prod. by Smitty Beatz)
    5. Checkered Flag (Prod. by Smitty Beatz)
    6. Foreigns Outside (Prod. by Harry Fraud)
    7. One Night (Prod. by Smitty Beatz & 808 Ray)
    8. Eye of the Tiger (Prod. by Sledgren)
    9. Smokin Potna (Prod. by TraumaTone)

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