Wasiu – No Chance (Prod. by Dear Lola)


Haitian-Canadian rapper Wasiu releases “No Chance,” a vengeful single about an unfaithful companion.

Produced by frequent collaborator Dear Lola, the track showcases the duo’s chemistry while serving as a strong introduction to Wasiu’s forthcoming EP, MTLiens EP.

The song samples Justin Timberlake‘s “Cry Me A River,” turning the 2002 record into a disjointed instrumental for Wasiu to express his anguish. “It’s the same theme of the original song,” Wasiu told HotNewHipHop in their premiere post.

“I find out my girl has been cheating on me, but I take it a bit further. I take matters into my own hands.” With lines like, “Ain’t no way in hell, even less up in heaven,” and chorus, “No chance that I am taking you back,” Wasiu takes Timberlake’s original message to the next level of the grieving process: exasperation.


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