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Kevin Tsujihara


Warnes Bros CEO Kevin Tsujihara “Just Wanted To Fuck”

It’s still the beginning of 2019, and we’re starting to see all the sick people in Hollywood exposed.

We already know that actors like Kevin Spacey, were exposed in 2018. However now it seems like an even bigger fish has been caught in the act. A married man by the name of  Kevin Tsujihara is being named in the latest scandal. Tsujihara is the CEO and chairman for the larger than life production company Warner Bros. Allegedly he’s been having sex with a 21-year old actress in a motel.  Page Six reports, that the CEO has apparently been promising her big movie roles with the help of director Brett Ratner. Ratner would be the point person to get her auditions to land the role.

Kevin Tsujihara Sexual Cover Up

The 54-year-old man took over as the top exec back in 2013 and oversee a multitude of operations including “The Cartoon Network”. Things get more interesting as when the actor “Kirk” realized what was happening and texted her ex, who is billionaire James Packer. In one of the text, she claimed: “He just wants to fuck”. At the time Kirk was looking to take the lead role in 2015’s “The Intern”. It was Anne Hathaway that ended up taking the role. Another text shared between Kirk and Tsujihara was as follows:

“You’re very busy I know but when we were in that motel having sex u said u would help me and when u just ignore me like you’re doing now it makes me feel used.”

At one point Brett Ratner ended up joining in the scandal. In 2016, Ratner would offer the young actor Kirk a guranteed amount of auditions to keep quiet about her affair. Overall, in the end, Kirk refused to sign. This took place after in 2015 Ratner told the actress

“If you are going to be fucking someone for a part it should be a director or a producer.”

Despite everything that happened, Kirk would go on to have a brief role in Oceans’s 8. It is believed that Kirk has been paid a settlement, and will not file any charges.

Furthermore, what should come of the CEO? Should he be forced to step down? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

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