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    Walter Wallace Jr Shot and Killed By Philadelphia Police

    The man who police shot and killed today is Walter Wallace; whether he had a knife shouldn’t matter.

    A shooting in West Philadelphia involving the Philadelphia Police has black and mentally ill Walter Wallace Jr dead. Reports are that Wallace had a knife, but Kyle Rittenhouse had a gun and was able to walk right past officers.

    That Kyle Rittenhouse statement may seem like a stretch, but think about the frustration of being black in America. As a Philadelphia resident, I was notified of the murder of Walter Wallace from a gruesome Instagram post.

    So it was no surprise that the first news headline read something negative about the 27-year-old Wallace. It wasn’t because I could see the knife in his hand or that I saw him charge at officers. The reason I knew for a fact that what every news story that came out about this incident would be negative is because he is black.

    Two things are instantly clear from watching the video of the Philadelphia Police Murder Wallace, 1) he is black 2)obviously crazy or on something, because he is aggressive with the police.

    Being from West Philly, Wallace, if not mentally ill, or intoxicated would know not to charge at cops with guns out.

    This leads to frustration; the first report I read about Kyle Rittenhouse was how he was a good kid.  Every time a black person is murdered, there is instant justification, “he was selling loosie’s.” The lame excuses go on and on; nothing Walter Wallace Jr did should have resulted in his death. His Father asked local reporters, “Why didn’t they use a taser,” an excellent question.

    Think differently; let us know why in the comments.


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