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    Wale Is That Fucking Petty When It Comes To Demi Lovato!!

    Karma comes back around, and it surely came to Demi Lovato’s front door.

    In wake of the scandal surrounding 21 Savage, it seems as though Lovato has fallen on hard times. Overall, several weeks ago the news world was shocked to learn that 21 Savage was deported back to England by ICE. The world of social media surely left hilarious commentary through all sorts of memes. Instantly people wanted to put the singer in her place due to the serious situation at hand.

    It was Wale who surely called Demi out for joining in on the fun. The MMG rapper didn’t take lightly to the fact that perhaps someone from outside of the culture was taking shots at Savage. Overall the two had it out on Twitter, that surely provided plenty of humor from the backlash. Fast forward now, and it has been reported that Demi is back in rehab. Recently in December, it was announced that she was out of rehab for the holidays and was looking merry. Some people requested that Wale apologize for starting the confrontation. However, in petty fashion Wale make it clear he’s not apologizing for shit.

    Is Wale really being petty? Should he apologize? Make sure to leave your comments below, and stay tuned to


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