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Volkswagen To Discontinue the Nostalgic Beetle


Volkswagen To Discontinue the Nostalgic Beetle

Volkswagen To Discontinue the Nostalgic Beetle

According to Volkswagen, they’re pulling the Beetle from the market come the year 2019. The car originated in Germany, before its popularity spread to the US. After several major branding moves and a reimagined design during the late 90’s, the car became a car favorite in pop culture fashion– mostly for women.

Volkswagen tried to make the car more appealing to men in 2012 and experienced limited success.

With production coming to a halt, Volkswagen will release the final round of special edition Beetles in 2019 known as the Final Edition SE and Final Edition SEL. The last of the Beetles will be available in coupe and convertible styles. Special features will include beige and blue hues, chrome, new wheels, and three-color lighting.

Check out some iconic images of the Beetle throughout its nearly seven decades of history.

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