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Voice Recording Possibly Connecting Birdman & Thug To Lil Wayne Murder Attempt?

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They say it’s the ones closest to you, and Lil Wayne may just be another witness.

Just last week, the music world was in awe over Lil Wayne getting the chance to finally release his latest installment to “Tha Carter” series. The legendary project has been one that hip-hop fans have deemed a classic for well over a decade. In Early 2004, Dwyane Carter was a top lyrical threat with hit single after hit single.

With just about no limit to his success, later in 2009, Wayne found himself getting into a world of legal troubles and jail time. Later on, issues with his mentor Brian “Birdman” Williams, led Lil Wayne unable to release his project with many questions left unanswered. After years of legal battles, early 2018 Wayne became victorious with a judgment against Universal to pay millions of dollars owed. Lil Wayne was also awarded the ability to break ties from Cash Money, making him an instant asset whatever label he lands on.

Last week speculation swirled around that Birdman and Young Thug may have played a part in Lil Wayne’s tour bus shooting back in 2015. While the district attorney continues to investigate, possible evidence may have been released tying Brian Williams having involvement. With records showing that Birdman, and rapper Young Thug having contact with Jimmy Winfrey (The Shooter who tried to kill Lil Wayne) it’s only a matter of time until questions are answered.

There are also reports that an Atlanta news outlet leaked a phone call with Birdman and Mr. Winfrey. Reports also confirm that Young Thug called Mr. Winfrey the minutes before leading up to the shoot.


Tory Lanez Continues His Comedy Routine On Twitter!!

Comedy Routine
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Lanez hasn’t let up on his comedy routine!!

Tory Lanez has become one of the most entertaining people on Instagram.

Last month the artist stated that he could hold his own against the likes of J.Cole, and Kendrick Lamar. Joyner Lucas name was thrown in the mix, which instantly sparked some drama.

Lanez statement led to a friendly sparring battle between the two emcees. Despite the post going back and forth, many believe that the Canadian rapper/singer took the win.

Joyner Lucas clowned Tory after he received his Grammy nomination. The entertainment came after Dj Akademiks weighed in, and made a skit with Lanez!!

We respect Tory Lanez craft, and also humor. He really has developed a comedy routine when it comes to Instagram!!

What’s your take on the battle??? Did Tory Lanez win??


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Donald Trump Tries to Lie His Way out of Prison


Donald Trump took to Twitter to talk about the Cohen sentencing

Also, in the tweets, he says that he never told Cohen to break the law. Although, this is probably just a lie to keep him out of jail. You can also see the tweets below.

Also more news, gossip, and culture, go to Hypefresh

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20 Men Arrested From “Hoova” Music Video

20 Men
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The world of entertainment is seen as reality.

Earlier this year, rapper Maxo Kream and NFL Cartel Bo shot visuals for “Hoova”. Two months ago the Houston Maxo Kream dropped the video “Roaches”.

The video was just like your normal hip-hop videos, violence, women, and money. According to a source, some of the individuals in the video were familiar gang member along with rapper.

Several of these individuals have open warrants and are bond from the use of firearms. What’s more shocking is that the video scenes with firearms took place right across from an elementary school.

Kids captured in the video on purpose, along with some weapons previously stolen. Two months after the initial release of the video, law enforcement used

In addition, 20 men are with illegal use of a weapon. Some individuals are currently on the run!

Stay tuned to for the latest in culture and music news.


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Viral Hip Hop


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