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    Voice Recording Possibly Connecting Birdman & Thug To Lil Wayne Murder Attempt?

    They say it’s the ones closest to you, and Lil Wayne may just be another witness.

    Just last week, the music world was in awe over Lil Wayne getting the chance to finally release his latest installment to “Tha Carter” series. The legendary project has been one that hip-hop fans have deemed a classic for well over a decade. In Early 2004, Dwyane Carter was a top lyrical threat with hit single after hit single.

    With just about no limit to his success, later in 2009, Wayne found himself getting into a world of legal troubles and jail time. Later on, issues with his mentor Brian “Birdman” Williams, led Lil Wayne unable to release his project with many questions left unanswered. After years of legal battles, early 2018 Wayne became victorious with a judgment against Universal to pay millions of dollars owed. Lil Wayne was also awarded the ability to break ties from Cash Money, making him an instant asset whatever label he lands on.

    Last week speculation swirled around that Birdman and Young Thug may have played a part in Lil Wayne’s tour bus shooting back in 2015. While the district attorney continues to investigate, possible evidence may have been released tying Brian Williams having involvement. With records showing that Birdman, and rapper Young Thug having contact with Jimmy Winfrey (The Shooter who tried to kill Lil Wayne) it’s only a matter of time until questions are answered.

    There are also reports that an Atlanta news outlet leaked a phone call with Birdman and Mr. Winfrey. Reports also confirm that Young Thug called Mr. Winfrey the minutes before leading up to the shoot.

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