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    Vishes Drops Hard-Hitting Hip-Hop Anthem “-30”

    Haitian-born artist Vishes has just released his latest single, “-30.” And it’s already making waves in the hip-hop scene. The song features Vishes’ signature raw talent, versatility, and a catchy beat that’s impossible to resist.

    But “-30” isn’t just a catchy tune; it’s a deep exploration of the artist’s struggles and challenges, offering listeners a glimpse into Vishes’ life and experiences. With powerful lyrics and a hard-hitting sound, the track is an instant hit among hip-hop enthusiasts.

    Vishes’ love for music is evident in everything he does, and his hometown and family have been significant sources of inspiration throughout his career. With a unique and profoundly personal sound, Vishes is poised to become one of hip-hop’s most exciting new voices.

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