Violence Increases with Police Presence in U.S. Cities

As protests across the U.S. continue, the presence of federal officers increases to reach new cities.


Protests in cities including Seattle, Los Angeles, Portland and Austin continued with increased violence this past weekend.

Seattle, Washington was one of the many cities to experience new levels of intensity. On Saturday, at least 45 people were arrested, according to The New York Times.

This past weekend’s protest saw an increase in violence. Business’s windows were smashed, fires were ignited and an 8-inch hole was blown into the wall of the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct building.

“At this point, we declared the event to be a riot, and several orders to disperse were given,” said Seattle police chief, Carmen Best, at a news conference.

Seattle police responded to protesters using their own means of violence.

Police used flash grenades, pepper spray and aggressive body shoving against the crowds. One woman was even left bloody after a flash grenade explosion.

Across the country, a man was shot and killed during a protest in Austin, Texas. At around 10:00pm, protesters were on the move downtown. Just before reaching an intersection crossing, a car’s horn was heard honking. This was immediately followed by five gunshots.  

The individual responsible for the gunshots has been detained and is cooperating with officers. 


Protesters conflicting with officers also took place in Los Angeles this past weekend. People gathered in front of the federal courthouse downtown. Individuals smashed windows and threw objects at officers.



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