Vince Staples on Drug Glorification in Rap Music: “There’s So Many Better Things We Can Show These Kids”

Vince Staples on Drug Glorification

Vince Staples believes that if education is the core promoted focus, it will assist in keeping kids off the streets, where they will be more likely to become addicts to illegal substances.

“No matter what color the child that’s dropping out is, no matter what the background of the child is, it hurts everybody,” Staples said.

After watching close friends battle with addiction, Staples puts forth a conscious effort to assist in helping them combat the craving and become more healthy.

“There is a will and a need among some of us to try and better ourselves, and better our perception,” Staples said. “There’s just so many better things that we can do and show these kids than what drugs to take.”

Watch the video above, courtesy of CNN.



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