Vina Love Looks To Carry Dad DJ Kid Capri’s Legacy Into New Era of Music, While Branching Out On Her Own

Vina Love Looks To Carry Dad DJ Kid

Vina Love Looks To Carry Dad DJ Kid-1
Just 21, the talented second-generation singer/songwriter Vina Love‘s focused on carrying the legacy her dad DJ Kid Capri established in the music industry, while establishing herself as a viable stand-alone commodity in the process.

Love said she began dancing when she was two, and that she began singing in high school at 13. But, it was at a performing arts school where she tied the two together. In her first music video the dance/sing combo’s on full display, with the help of her family.

“My Mom is my manager and creative director,” Love said. “My mom and my assistant, who is my cousin, did the set design for the video. My brother’s the choreographer. My uncles are the twin brothers in the video. Some of the dancers are my cousins. My sister is an artist and painter, she painted all of my outfits and all together as a family we spent weeks painting the bodysuits for the video. I directed and edited the video along with my videographer Picaso.”

The video for the New York-based artist’s latest single “Air” has amassed just over 30,000 YouTube views.

After making her mark in the music industry, Love said she’d love to branch out further as a music director.

“I love the art of visuals as a whole,” Love said.

In addition, the remix, “Air” (feat. Ted Smooth, Kid Capri, and Snoop Dogg) has amassed over 4,000 SoundCloud plays in less than a month. With just two uploads, Love’s built her following to exactly 4,400 on SoundCloud.

“Working with my Dad surprisingly feels more normal than I thought it would,” Love said. “He tells me all the time to keep my head up and my eyes open, be firm in my decisions, work hard and to always remain humble.”

“My Dad definitely promotes me to any and everyone who comes his way,” Love said. “I think he talks about being proud of me so much that it forces people to want to meet me to see if what he’s saying about me is real. I love my dad.”

Love classified herself as a Pop/R&B singer, and that the theme for most of her music is love. But, Love said she could rap, too (Don’t believe her? Check her out on Sway in The Morning).

Because of her dad, Love’s navigation through the music industry has been abnormal. Love’s been spotted with industry heavyweights DJ Khaled and Jamie Foxx, most notably. The former being a birthday appearance, while the latter turned into an impromptu musical debut to a crowd of customers in a pop-up shop.

“I went to DJ Khaled’s birthday party; I love DJ Khaled, he’s dope,” Love said. “And Jamie Foxx, oh yeah, I went to his pop-up shop and he put me right on the spot passed me the mic and asked me to sing. He’s a genius.”

Love, an independent artist, said she enjoy’s the independent grind (Shout out to Big Boi), but acknowledges the financial limitations. Heavily involved in the business side of her career, Love did not rule out signing a major-label deal, in the future.

The Pop/R&B singer Love has a long way before she’s on the same level of her dad, but she has all the tangibles to get there one day. Relatively green in the industry, Love still had words of encouragement to those who desire to follow in her footsteps as an artist.

“Believe in yourself,” Love said. “People can tell you ‘You can do it’, but if you don’t believe that yourself it doesn’t matter. Work hard. The tired night’s, the broke pockets, and empty days will all be worth what you’re working toward. Be yourself. Be unique. There are millions of people doing exactly what you’re doing in this industry. Do more, stand out. Be different, be you. Love yourself. It’s easy to lose yourself when there are so many opinions about you in this music industry. Stay Strong.”


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