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    Actor, Artist Vigilante Becomes Atlanta’s Star In Celebrity Boxing, Award Nominations

    Actor and artist vigilante becomes the No. 1 star in Atlanta with his upcoming debut in celebrity boxing and award nominations.

    Vigilante gets hit with the boxing bug when his dreams to land in Creed 3 become his focus. After months of training his skill level began to garnish the attention of the entire boxing community. After watching the Paul brothers run up a huge bag for minimal boxing on nation scale, Vigilante saw marketing dollars flashing around his head. Less then a month later Damon the CEO of Celebrity Boxing invited Vigilante to join his next card. Overly excited vigilante partnered with Sankofa Athletics and began to post videos of his updated boxing skills. Little did he know this would scare the entire boxing community away. He was unable to land a match with Damon and was right where he started. This is until UCB reached out to him offered him a main event and a title shot for his celebrity boxing debut. Taking place November 5 in Orlando, Florida.

    Tune into Vigilante’s Instagram account @Vigilantelom for inspiration and to keep up with everything in his career. Also, follow him on Snapchat and Twitter @VigilanteLom to keep up with how you can contribute to his community acts. If you want to catch up on all of Vigilante’s music, interviews, promotional visuals for his upcoming movies, and advice on how to make it in the industry on his YouTube.

    In the acting world Vigilante is known as Remarcus Steele. Here’s a link to keep up with his movie and television credits IMDB:





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