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    Sonder – ‘Victoria’

    11 minute vibe.

    6 unique moods.

    Meet Sonder.

    Music-making trio, Sonder releases “Victoria” in preparation for their currently untitled debut EP. Now, if you’re familiar with the cultural influencer that is Soulection, then you already know two thirds of Sonder, producers Dpat and Atu. The two have managed to join forces with Brent Faiyaz and the result is pure magic.

    “Victoria” blends the sound of tomorrow with the aesthetic of today. The 11-minute offering takes you through 6 unique moods. But these feels won’t have you eating out of a tub of ice cream, rolled up in a blanket, binge-watching Game of Thrones, no. Instead, it only leaves you wanting more.

    Find satisfaction in “Victoria” below.

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