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    Victor Brunson: The Joy Of Becoming A Mogul

    Successful transitions isn’t an uncommon story in today’s popular music — especially in hip hop. Furthermore, they always inspire more similar individuals to follow similar patterns to their own “from the bottom to the top” proverbs. Victor Brunson is the latest dream come true artist.

    Entering, enjoying and parlaying the usual inducted music career route that has generated possibilities for other lucrative endeavors. Through early success in music with notable hits “Yeah Chick It’s Crown Vic”, “Patiently Waiting” and “Make Me Wanna,” Brunson’s star power has created opportunities across the entertainment industry, including film and tech. Since 2016, Brunson gradually graduated from recording artist to record label executive to actor, then finally, entrepreneur. Using the money generated from selling music to create multiple avenues, it’s a normal path to the top for a former street hustler-turned-storyteller from the South.

    Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Victor Brunson learned the entertainment business from the late-multi-platinum recording artist and D4L member Shawty Lo. For a career that would take him all around the world, Brunson learned the game, how to transition, how to diversify and so much more from the “Dey Know” creator. Before Lo’s passing, Brunson was annotated Chief Operation Officer of D4L imprint.

    From music to acting, Brunson’s well-built acting resume includes work with icons such as Tyler Perry. Between roles, he maintained a connection with music through the development of his touring company and LLC, Vic’s All Purpose LLC. His businesses have collaborated with Atlanta’s biggest stars, like DC Young Fly, DJ Scream, and New York’s Young M.A.

    2022 will elevate Brunson’s portfolio with the addition of his own carpool karaoke services and highly-anticipated television show, Riding Private With Vic, and scheduled for later this year. For more on Victor Brunson and ever-growing empire, visit the mogul’s official website, here.


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