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    Victony’s “Outlaw” EP Celebrates Our Differences

    Hailing from Nigeria, comes the rising Afropop artist Victony who’s flipping the music industry on its head. With hit Afrobeats songs “Holy Father” featuring Mayorkun and “Apollo”, Victony has risen to new heights of stardom. Furthermore, the songs topped the Apple Music Top 100 NG and Billboard Afrobeats Singles Charts for several weeks. Both songs alone garnished millions of streams and plays on Spotify. Victony has quickly become one of the best emerging, global artists in the music scene. 

    On May 6, the multi-talented artist dropped his sophomore EP Outlaw. Furthermore, the 7-track project contains a beautiful blend of R&B, trap and Afropop music, offering something for everyone. At the heart of the EP, though, Victony discusses breaking past stereotypes and boundaries, and accepting our individuality. Outlaw celebrates our differences. 

    Victony Owns Being An Outlaw In His New EP

    At just 20-years-old, singer, rapper and songwriter Victony already knows himself inside and out. He composed his entire sophomore EP Outlaw by himself with no help from famous features. In the end, Victony self-produced a body of work that caters to individuality and celebrates our differences. 

    Furthermore, every track on the EP explores the central theme of breaking away from societal expectations and accepting ourselves. Even the promotional artwork for the EP makes Victony’s message clear. It features a humanoid, blue alien with pink cornrows, dressed in human clothes. The alien stands in the canyons of a vibrant extraterrestrial planet. Moreover, the scenery offers a metaphor for standing outside the marginal lines of a society that follows the “said-norm.” 

    Additionally, the first track “Outlaw” off the EP talks about owning and celebrating our individuality. Throughout the song, Victony refers to himself as a “champion boy” in being different.  Other songs in the 7-track EP discuss the themes of accepting our differences. 

    Though, Victony doesn’t just focus on one theme. He explores other major subjects like the tribulations of love in “Chop & Love” and “Soweto.” On the other hand, “Chop & Slide” and “Kolomental” pose as wildcards in the EP, offering no other purpose than fillers. Though, that’s not to subtract from the fact that Victony’s sophomore EP has a little something for everyone. 

    Victony Wants To Connect With All Walks Of People

    Speaking of connecting with the people, much of Victony’s inspiration for Outlaw stemmed from just that. In a recent interview, he admitted to purposefully creating an EP with a variety of different musical styles to connect with all walks of people. More importantly, he wants people to free themselves from the judgment of others. “If being original is a crime, then we are all Outlaws,” he said in his interview with Guardian Music. “Outlaw” definitely breaks a lot of rules when it comes to musical styles and genres. Though, that’s just part of Victony’s attraction, he makes music that celebrates uniqueness and our differences. 

    If you’re wondering what happened to Victony, know that he is here to stay. The Nigerian Afropop singer isn’t an artist you want to miss out on. Check out Victony’s new EP Outlaw out right now!







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