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    Vice President Joe Biden Thanks Trump for Making People Look At Institutional Racism

    Vice President Joe Biden has always spoke his mind over these past 8 years and office, and Donald Trump just gave him another opportunity to do so.

    During a Black History Month event, Vice President Biden thanked Trump, but for a different reason.

    Since President Obama took office, Black History Month has been important and prominent for the culture of America. This Black History Month was no different, and it involved the entire presidential cabinet.

    “I want to thank Donald Trump. The stuff he’s doing, and others, the stuff Cruz is doing,” said Vice President Bidden. “He’s making the American people look in the mirror. And the American people are honest and they look in the mirror and see what’s looking back at them. If we’re smart, and we’re lucky, I’m convinced that the American people are prepared over the next decade to gradually to deal with institutional racism.”


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