Vampire Facials Leads To Two Women Contracting HIV

Vampire Facials

Two women contracted HIV after having “vampire facial” at Alburqueque spa.

According to The Independent, the spa which offered vampire facials to customers shut down a year ago. Now, the clinic is being further investigated after the two women came forward.

Both women with positive results had “injection-related procedures” at the spa between May and September 2018. A spokesperson for the New Mexico Department of Health said both clients contracted the same strain of the HIV virus. The spokesperson continues to state that it is not certain that their spa treatments were responsible.

“The NMDOH investigation has not identified potential exposures for HIV transmission other than the injection-related procedures at the VIP Spa,” a health department spokesperson said.

Though it is not certain the VIP Spa is responsible for the contractions, the health department is offering free and confidential testing. They will test for HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C for any clients who received injection-related procedures at VIP Spa in Albuquerque, New Mexico, between May and September 2018.

A vampire facial, also known as a plasma-rich protein facial, involves injecting nutrient-rich plasma into the skin on your face using a tool called a micro-needling pen. That plasma typically comes from your own blood. When done safely, a vampire facial should not expose clients to potential viruses or infections. The vampire facial’s purpose is to rejuvenate the skin and to promote a youthful look.

Yet if the equipment is not properly disposed of or sterilized between facials, it could expose patients. Expose patients to potential blood-borne infections, such as HIV.

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Illustration by Jared Schrock


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